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mirkarimi abused his wife. carolyn tyler joins us with the story. >> reporter: just how hot is it getting for ross mirkarimi? one of leaders of domestic violence consortium was a member of transition city hall. now she is calling on him to resign. >> they are turning up the heat on ross mirkarimi. these protestors in san francisco domestic violence consortium say the newly elected sheriff should resign or step down while being investigated. >> he has does nothing to ensure that it is safe for them to come forward when one our chief law enforcement officers has this hanging over him. >> reporter: his wife suffered a bruised arm when her husband grabbed her on new year's eve. a video taken by a neighbor as well as text messages are in the hands of investigators. critics are incensed how mirkarimi characterized the alleged incident. >> a private matter, a family matter. >> it was taken out of context. this is completely wrong. >> it is not a family matter. it is not a private matter. the neighbor that called the police is not quote, unquote, out of line. >> according to mirkarimi's attorney
to insist he is innocent. carolyn? >> waits a nearly 20 minute interview with venezuela's radio. she is from that country. at times she was quite emotional insist herg husband is a victim of in her words, very dirty politics. iliana lopez stood by her husband's side, despite accusations of domestic abuse. >> in this is taken out of context. >> now, she's gone further in a interview in her native venezuela describing charges as political persecution. >> ross mirkarimi is a progressive who isn't backed with power brokers in california. there is richest people in california are behind this. they can't stand a progressive who ran a campaign with very little money won the election for sheriff. >> investigators say lopez confided in a neighbor and reportedly a mirkarimi campaign support yir. according to documents lopez told madison, she had her take pictures of a bruised arm. she denies the abuse and questions madison's reasons for calling the police. >> we must find out what her motives are and with who is backing her. that is what the lawyers and investigators will will do. we want to know who
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2